Brett Slone

Fancy-pants Front End Developer

Let’s make this interesting

by focusing on responsive design, performance… and some fun details

Hey there, beautiful. I’m Brett Slone, a front end developer with 18 years’ experience in the web world.

Every project I approach with you is a unique creature. That’s why it helps for us to develop an overview of the project from start to finish. This ensures that we have a shared vision of success. And that, folks, is how we acheive durable and fantastic craftsmanship from start to finish.

And, don't worry. I’m right there with you in the trenches, so I’m able to offer help and insight at every stage.

Front End Development: Where the magic happens.

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I create interactive, impactful web experiences that ensure users can quickly, easily read and identify with your content, no matter their preferred device. Utilizing mobile-first, responsive (or reactive) principles is the best way to guarantee beautiful layouts, at any size, and convey the appropriate amount of information while doing it.

I use sensible, semantic HTML5 and CSS3 as the basis for simple layouts. Interactivity is enabled with native JavaScript where performance is essential. If your needs are a bit more complex, though, don’t worry; I also utilize jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and assorted other utility libraries/frameworks as appropriate.

Back End Development: Let's make this puppy secure.

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Even in these days of offline web applications, your data ultimately has to come from somewhere, right? I choose the most end-user intuitive, secure, and solid solution, all for a cost that’s just the right size, even for small clients.

Most clients choose LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) web applications because of their great, low start-up costs. However, if you have an existing technology stack, that’s no problem, either.

Design & Creative: Beautiful pixels for a beautiful you.

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I have a degree in studio art and, coupled with a solid eye for design, that means your pixels will be as carefully crafted and lovingly polished as if they were my own. I can also help you with photography, editing, if the need arises.

I generally work in Adobe’s Creative Cloud application suite or Sketch, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. If you need assets delivered in a relatively uncommon format, I’m your guy.

Tools and nerd things. (You didn't ask? Oh, well.)

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New tools are fun. It’s a fantastic day when I discover something that makes the web experience simpler and more accessible for everyone (including me!) My standard build system is Grunt with Bower components and Git version control. I use Sass 3 to organize and modularize my stylesheets and Modernizr to assist with cross-browser compatibility.